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triangle bullet point Mediation
Ms. Gelbin is a full-time, professional mediator. She travels the state of North Carolina assisting parties to voluntarily resolve legal matters prior to litigation. She is certified to mediate (1) simple and complex civil cases involving such things as personal injury, property disputes, contracts, employment matters and business controversies; (2) workers’ compensation cases; (3) cases involving domestic claims such as property division (equitable distribution), post separation support, alimony, child support, and child custody; and (4) cases before the Clerk of Superior Court, such as involuntary commitments, estate disputes and guardianships of the person and/or of property. For more information...

triangle bullet point Arbitration
Ms. Gelbin has been a Forsyth County District Court Arbitrator since 1988 and accepts matters for private arbitration. As a private arbitrator, she will determine the outcome of civil matters. Arbitrations may be binding or non-binding and different procedural rules may apply to the arbitration, depending upon the law which applies to the case, any contract which may exist between the parties or by stipulation of the parties in the absence of applicable law or contract. For more information...

triangle bullet point Social Security Disability
Ms. Gelbin has represented disabled individuals since 1985 on their claims for Social Security disability benefits. Once a claim is in her hands, she ensures that the Social Security Administration has all of the medical evidence which exists in support of the claim and she will prepare her client for and represent her client at any hearing which may be necessary. For more information...

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